My story starts as the typical overweight teenager that  “strongly” disliked physical discomfort, loved to eat, and was majorly lacking in self confidence.

I started my journey to fitness with a gym membership when I decided enough was enough. With the help of my dad’s friend I started a weight lifting program and never looked back, the results were coming fast and with it my rise in self confidence, energy, and positive outlook on life.

I was amazed how my commitment to fitness changed me from within. Heart, body, and soul. Braving a workout on a daily basis gave me the mental toughness and focus I needed as a young adult to seek success outside the gym and armed me with persistence. I learned to never quit until I reached my goal.

Generation Fit

The natural evolution was for me to share my success, and help others change their lives the way I had.

Fast forward 20 years, tens of certifications, hundreds of books read, and untold numbers of clients and friends helped, enter Generation Fit. A home for everyone that wants to change their lives, improve their health, both physically and mentally because it all starts in the mind and we make sure you get the education and the motivation to succeed.

I hold certifications in Personal Training, Bodybuilding, Sport Nutrition, Life Coach, and currently working on Back Disorder Certificate, I also trained and learned one on one with Strongman champions, Bodybuilding champions, and Power lifting champions.

I do not believe in a one size fits all approach, I have a wide knowledge in several disciplines in Fitness and Nutrition.

Above all else I am dedicated to my clients, their well being and health is my priority, I do not sell any supplements or gimmicks. As a client and friend you will always get the truth based on research and years of expertise on matters of health and wellness from me.

See you at Gen Fit!

Moh Koutouby